Tennis Course








Ages: 4-6

For children who are just starting, this class will teach them hand-eye coordination and the basics of tennis skills with forehand and backhand. Using games to enhance their interest in tennis, kids will learn communication, self-discipline and court etiquette.





Mini Tennis II (Conducted in English) 

Ages: 4-6

For children who have had prior introduction tennis lessons, this course will advance them a step further in their tennis skills, as well as help develop control of the racket and ball, and practise the correct way to stretch their muscles. 




Beginner (Conducted in English) 

Ages: 7-10

The class will teach correct gripping and positions, as well as volley skills and the proper footwork involved in the game.  




Intermediate (Conducted in English) 

Ages: 8-12

Students will develop their skills in tennis shots, learn how to serve and start to focus on strategies of game play. Students will be taught with the option of joining school sports teams in mind.




Advanced (Conducted in English)

Ages: 10-14

In this course, focus will be placed on competition, with the intent of enhancing the student’s skill in tennis, and teach tactics in single and double matches. 




Private Tennis Classes:  

Private lessons are tailored to fit the student’s abilities and needs. Our professional tennis coaches will design a personal training programme based on individual requirements. 





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