Oxford Pub

提供不同種類的紅白酒、威士忌、啤酒及各類飲品供會員享用。場地可容納60人,除了閒時與三五知己歡聚外,十分適合舉行任何類型派對。 JBL 高級音響卡拉OK系統,加上75吋及65吋大電視絕對是聽覺及視覺的最佳享受。酒吧設有NOW TV,讓會員欣賞城中任何一場的體育盛事。

Members can enjoy a variety of red and white wine, whiskey, beer and other drinks at the Oxford Pub. Able to hold up to 60 people, this venue is perfect for kicking back with friends or hosting a party. To ensure a stimulating atmosphere, the Pub is equipped with a 75’’ by 65’’ TV and a high-quality JBL karaoke system, with the addition of NOW TV so Members can watch all sorts of sports events.

For enquiry, please contact our Bar Department
Telephone No.: 2338 7115



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